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Customer Relationship Management Email Campaign for Pharmaceutical Company

Goldenfire Productions was hired to develop and currently supports an advance automated Customer Relationship Management email campaign. Goldenfire Productions was asked to develop a CRM campaign for consumers that introduced the product, and moved perspective patient to inquire with their doctors if the product would be right to treat their condition.

Initial Planning
Goldenfire Productions developed a CRM strategy that centered around the goals determined by historical data around the patients research and purchasing life cycle. After complete review of the existing CRM database and what information was available from past patient leads Goldenfire Productions set out to develop the strategy that would use fewer email touch points to motivate a patient to inquire about a prescription.

Developed Plan:
The client needed to address 4 main segments with the product launch and consumer CRM plan. For existing patients on a previous compound the goal was to introduce the new product compound and motivate the patient to inquire with their doctor if the new compound would serve them better. Patients that were researching the product or indications needed information about the product, which included information about the disease states, why this product may be right for them, and a motivating offer to ask their doctor about the product. The same goals were need for a secondary indication as well.

Goldenfire Production’s CRM plan included changes to the data collection points on the website. Improvements to the CRM databases were introduced that allowed the program to function and adapt to the changing information from leads entering into the database.

Goldenfire productions worked directly with the CRM database vendor to write and implement the business rules required to correctly execute the CRM strategy while allowing for complete flexibility for modifications later on if needed.

Creative Development:
After plan sign off by the client Goldenfire Productions took the role of project manager in assisting creation of communications and materials and keeping all parties on schedule to deliver the CRM program. In assisting the creative and template development for each segment stream, Goldenfire Productions maintained strict consistency between the email communications, making sure each message had the proper information and return to site offers for a potential patient at the time since initially interfacing with the site.

Execution and Optimization:
The CRM campaign has been running successfully for over a year, and has minor optimizations as needed. The campaign continually surpasses deliverable rates, open rates, and click rates of other similar and larger campaigns as monitored by industry type. The email CRM program has proven to be a cost effective way to keep potential patients engaged with the product messaging and delivering positive ROI metrics to the brand team.

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  • 4 distinct segment streams
  • Automated execution of email delivery
  • Offline action tracking to move to next stream
  • Campaign constantly exceeds industry averages for open & click rates