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Return on Investment and Analytics Reporting for Pharmaceutical Company

Goldenfire Productions was contracted by a large pharmaceutical company to provide analytics and ROI reporting for a new product marketing campaign.

Initial Discovery:
Our initial review found the client’s website, marketing campaign, and CRM database had very little in regards to tracking visitors and leads. The client had a web analytics tracking system in place for their web site but it wasn't providing the insights that today's marketing campaigns need other than visitor counts, and the systems were not talking to each other.

Our Approach:
We knew the client was not looking to switch analytics engines and we were not about to suggest it as we wanted to keep as much historical data available to our campaign reviews as possible. The campaign was running across multiple tactics, utilizing multiple vendors, and valuable data was being lost or not collected.

Our first step was to add campaign tracking tags to all campaign media (banners, paid search, emails, etc.) that drove traffic to the website. We then made extensive modifications to the CRM data collection enabling the campaign to link tracking tags to leads entering into the database.

With known variables entering into the web analytics engine and the CRM database, we were able to link all the various campaign reports across vendors and reporting systems. The final deliverable is a set of reports that provide true return on investment (ROI) reporting combining cost of marketing efforts to prescriptions filled from the consumer marketing efforts.

The client can perform these sample reports:

  • Which paid search keyword lead to scripts
  • The cost of each new prescription by the amount spent on marketing
  • Which media is driving the most qualified traffic and optimal placement
  • Cost per visitor
  • Cost per goal
  • Cost per script
  • Life time value of customer per marketing tactic and initial location
  • Geographic patient value
  • Geographic marketing mix
  • Number of touch points a consumer needs before getting a script

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