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Social Media Campaign Design and Launch for Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Company

Goldenfire Productions was hired to develop an engaging support social media program for a weight loss medical device. The program was to place the support and marketing messages into the social media networks providing support for current patients and information for new patients researching the medical procedure.

The medical device client needed to develop a social media program and gain support from their medical, regulatory, and legal teams before progressing. Goldenfire productions developed a social media strategy utilizing 5 different social media networks and presented this plan to the Medical legal team. After answering all med legal questions and requirements Goldenfire Productions developed the process plan for submitting content to the network site along with designing the graphic themes of each. This client in particular wanted to have relevant content about the product, support for after surgery, and competitive comparisons presented on these networks.

Goldenfire productions set up a custom "fan Page" for the medical device. The page included sections of product and support information as a one stop landing zone before the visitors were to be directed back to the product website to learn more. Each tab or page had relevant safety information available and did not have fan interaction abilities to avoid daily monitoring of the fan page.

Goldenfire productions teamed up with another vendor to develop daily relevant "tweets" and twitter CRM stream using direct messaging. Tweets were sent out daily at defined time to reach the maximum audience that would be interacting with twitter at that time. Content messaging rotated between the 3 goals of device education, patient converting, and patient support, with a emphasis on patient support.

Myspace: Similar in style and design to the facebook fan page, the myspace property was created as there was a large population of target patients still on the myspace network. The client has since discontinued this channel as the traffic to the channel and relevant support group activity has switch to facebook.

Forum Channel and Blog:
The client partnered up with a independent support forum and tasked Goldenfire Productions to develop a product specific resource center. Utilizing the existing materials created for the client, the resource center matched the 4 goals of the client while adding in more social elements. Visitors to the resource channel would find the latest patient support materials along with a blog full of support articles and tips. Visitors could also download success avatars for their forum posts and individual blogs, increasing community support and showcasing their weight loss success since surgery.

YouTube Video Channel:
Goldenfire productions developed a customized YouTube channel to hold videos that were hidden in various sections of the client website. As this video content was not properly optimized for the clients web site, Goldenfire Productions worked directly with the client and the medical legal review team to move the videos to the YouTube site. Videos became instantly searchable, and video plays increased over the promotional website.

As this was the clients and parent companies first step into social marketing Goldenfire Productions provided monthly reporting and analysis of the programs, providing the client with sound success metrics to show upper management. Goldenfire Productions built in analytics tracking for all properties and provided the ground work for social marketing leads to be imported into the brands CRM database.

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Facebook custom application
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Facebook custom application
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Facebook custom application
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