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Local Advertising & Local Search Marketing

The Internet is a worldwide portal for displaying your messaging, but your customers come from your local town or region, the world may be too big of a place.

How do you effectively reach your customers without competing head-to-head with a national or global company?

The answer is simple: You need to market effectively to your potential customers in a way that will yield an immediate return on your local marketing investment.

  • Currently Google and Yahoo! account for over 76% of all web searches.
    (Google 63.7%, Yahoo! 18.3% Bing 12.1%)*
  • Google confirms that 20% of all searches have local intent. Other reports have said up to 40% of searches have local intent.
  • 1 in 3 Mobile searches has local intent, according to Google.
  • Consumers turn to the Internet to research companies and products online before buying.

Your worse case scenario is a prospective customer searching for company, service, or product, and not locating it in their search results. Goldenfire Productions can make your business more visible to your local audience.

Goldenfire Productions will assist in the following geo-trageting campaign areas:

Local Search Engine Optimization:

With more and more customers using the Internet to find new business and products, you need to ensure your business can be found and can stand out from the competitors.

Local search engine optimization focuses on promoting your company in the local business results of search engines. These listings appear above the organic results and are triggered by geographic search phrases.

Local search engine optimization is unlike normal organic search engine optimization and uses different algorithms and metrics to determine the importance of a listing. With Goldenfire productions, you now have the tools to make sure you will be seen.

Local directory placements:

Tech savvy customers are not using traditional Yellow Pages.  Solely relying on the search engines may not be the only tactic you wish to employ.

Having your business listed in more local directories is an important goal in ensuring your business not only lists in those directories, but also increases your placement in the traditional local search results.

Local Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertisements:

Are you ready to move away from passive marketing and actively place your message in front of your potential customers? It's time for a geo-location advertising campaign.

For smaller budgets, adding in paid search placements will prove to be the most cost effective way to add that extra mention of your business.

If you need a bigger audience, banner ads on heavily trafficked web sites will bring customers to your door, or have your phone ringing. We can even place your message inside the social networks of facebook and Twitter.



If your business needs local customers to purchase goods or services, Goldenfire Productions can increase your regional exposure and deliver more customers to you. Call today to find out how your goals can be achieved.

*Data as of May 2010. ComScore