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Live Event Promotion, Hosting, Moderating

Are you planning to host live events for sales presentations, Q&A sessions, product training, or any event that includes  live audience and streaming video and audio? Goldenfire productions can help.

We assist in hosting, monitoring, and providing technical support for a variety of live simulcast events, for pharmaceutical and software companies.

Our services include:

Planning and Promoting Your Event

We will work with you to set up your event with industry best practices, utilizing your preferred event streaming service. Once the event is set up we can aid with the distribution of invitations to and marketing of your event.

Event Hosting and Moderating

Our hosting and moderating plans allow for you to have a second resource available to aid with question and answer moderating, resource delivery, and attended technical support. We can even open the event and introduce you and your presentation to your audience.
We will record your presentation for later use; such as for uploading to your website or podcast.

Post Event Analysis

After your event has ended and you resume focus on other activities such as  identifying and following up with sales leads,  our post-event analysis will review the event reports, Question and Answers, and other recorded data to provide you with a detailed report on how well your event was received. These metrics will help you to follow up with attendees for those sales leads and identify who attended you session and for how long.